Chengdu, China and Hollywood-based Middle Kingdom Studios started out as an indie publisher and film studio which focused mainly on developing its own core line of creative properties, while seeking co-publishing, co-production and collaborative projects with writers, producers and artists who have a story to tell. 

Due to the success of Middle Kingdom Studios and more particularly, the studio founder, in sourcing funding in the Chinese marketplace for its own IP pipeline, Middle Kingdom is now representing several other high profile projects. 

With excellent government connections and an investor pool of well over 100 firms behind us, Middle Kingdom Studios has the expertise to package your project to meet the requirements and the format necessary to achieve your financing goals here in China. 

Should you require assistance in the packaging of your project for the best presentation to potential financiers in the Chinese marketplace, contact us. 

Middle Kingdom's founder, Matt Vegh regularly presents at government sponsored investment meetings for companies looking to enter the Chinese marketplace and knows exactly what they want to see and hear. 

Professional, crisp and well-executed presentations, most importantly, in the Chinese-style, are what it takes to get your deal done. 

That's what we do.


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