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• Matt Vegh is the founder of both Middle Kingdom Studios and social mobile digital media company CloudTime.

• Matt's graphic novel series SXD: Middle Kingdom, which he authored and created and for which he adapted a screenplay trilogy, has been optioned by major players in the global motion picture space, with an expected commencement of production in 2015/2016.  

• Matt has also developed several other IP's which have garnered the attention of some of the world's biggest studios and expects several of them to be optioned in the near future as Middle Kingdom Studios becomes more recognized in the film and animation worlds through Matt Vegh's work on fund raising for both Hollywood and Chinese films, having represented many nameplate companies based in Los Angeles on a confidential basis. (Check pictures below of Matt at several of his film fund raising events held all over China)

• Middle Kingdom Studios itself is a boutique graphic arts house and animation studio, with digital media development capabilities based in Chengdu, China. We have so far mostly ghost developed (for a number of larger studios, including China's largest and most influential state-backed film studio) and will co-develop animated or CGI-laden feature films and TV cartoon series. 

• Middle Kingdom Studios has a fully experienced and scalable operation with lower costs than Beijing or Shanghai and often does work for studios in these cities, who in turn have been leaned on by Hollywood. Due to our ties with CloudTime, our sister company and our own homegrown digital distribution and messaging app platform, we are an excellent opportunity for any US based entertainment firm to partner with for access to the China film, social media and game market.

• One of the key issues for any investor or company looking to do business in China is the experience on the ground. In this regard; Middle Kingdom Studios and CloudTime are literally unsurpassed by any other company. Middle Kingdom Studios and CloudTime founder Matt Vegh has been a business leader in Western China’s largest city and the country’s 4th largest, for 15 years. 

• Matt has been the go-to consultant and key-note speaker for top government officials and bureaus throughout the region, with one-phone-call type access to any department. 

• Matt was instrumental to the set up the first English language newspaper for the Chengdu Media Group and the local government and wrote key internal white papers that became part of the government record at official meetings and plenary sessions. He literally wrote the plan for the internationalization of Chengdu, the city, in his 12 step Eden report, delivered to governmental officials via its own internal communications apparatus. 

• Matt key-noted WTO-entry preparations conferences attended by all governmental department leaders and trained those leaders and managers for WTO integration. His white paper and key-note speech at the annual mayor’s roundtable set the tone for the successful urban-rural integration and urban renewal of the eastern suburbs of Chengdu.

• Matt has inked numerous strategic framework agreements with a number of municipalities in Sichuan Province, including the cities of Neijiang, Deyang and Xichang, for the improvement of their digital media infrastructure and supporting land bases.

• Matt has also been a lecturer and instructor in over 50 educational institutions in China, having given courses in finance, economics, entrepreneurship, marketing and law in most of the major Universities in Sichuan. 




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